Street Smart - it’s a common theme in Hudson County and something that our residents are known for “street smarts.” But there’s a different kind of street smarts that not enough residents exhibit in their daily life, both as drivers and pedestrians. In recent years, traffic-related deaths in Hudson County have increased. Something must be done to fix this problem.

Recently, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and other Hudson County officials joined with police officials from Bayonne, Jersey City, North Bergen, Union City and West New York to kick off the Street Smart Hudson County Campaign along Kennedy Boulevard in each of the municipalities. This month local police departments in each municipality along the John F. Kennedy Boulevard corridor will increase enforcement of traffic laws for motorists and pedestrians. In addition, the Hudson County Transportation Management Association (TMA) will be along the corridor distributing information to residents on street safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Fall is here. The air is crisp, the apples are fresh and the leaves are putting on a show turning brilliant shades of orange and red! For some, it means enjoying the beauty of nature. For others, it means one thing- picking up those leaves. But what to do with all those leaves? We’ve got you covered.



To the dismay of many, the Summer is winding down and the school year is right around the corner. (Cue the throwing of tomatoes- hey, they’re compostable!) Like it or not, the time is coming to trade in our beach bags and swimsuits for backpacks and school uniforms. As students young and old start shopping for school supplies, there is a lot to decide- which pen works right for me? Which backpack can I fit all of my stuff in while also looking cool? This year, keep the Earth in mind and pick out some sustainable school supplies!

 September is a month of new beginnings. The kids are heading back to start a new school year. Football season is back. The weather is still nice before colder weather sets in. It’s the perfect month for a challenge! Join the Hudson TMA and take the CarFree or Car Lite Challenge. CarFree Week will be held September 18 through September 24. CarFree Week is a global movement to increase awareness on the negative impacts that automobiles have on our environment. As a part of CarFree Week, commuters are encouraged to help cut down on pollution caused by vehicles and utilize alternate modes of transportation for a day or more.

CarFree Week began informally during the 1973 oil crisis. With fuel at a premium in the United States, commuters were encouraged to seek alternative modes of transportation. In 1994, a keynote speech at the Accessible Cities Conference included a formal call for a regular move for cities to promote Car Free Days. By the year 2000, the concept went global with a World Carfree Program being launched by the World Carfree Network.

The temperature is steadily rising and the days are getting longer. That can only mean one thing, Summer has arrived! Summers bring beach trips, family vacations, park adventures, swimming, and a myriad of other fun outdoor activities. Although the increased fun in the sun serves as a medium for unforgettable memories with family and friends, it can also present unwanted opportunities to increase waste in the environment that we all love so much. We at the Hudson County Improvement Authority want to share some simple tips that can help you to cut down on unnecessary waste all while soaking up the sun and enjoying the Summer adventure of a lifetime.

Out with the old and in with the new! It’s always nice to buy some new clothes for a vacation or an outfit for an upcoming event. When cleaning out your closet to make room for new summer wardrobe, always remember to donate or sell clothing that you may want to get rid of. By giving your clothes to someone else, they receive new life and don’t end up in a landfill!



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