Handle Your Yards Wastes the Right Way!

Did you know that healthy plants make for a better environment? By improving the health of your plants you improve the well-being of our environment. Healthy plants help clean our air and conserve our soil- making the earth, our home, a healthier place to live!

If you have a garden, shrub, lawn, trees or even planter boxes then you have use for compost. By using compost you return organic matter to soil in usable form. Almost any organic material can be composted. Another advantage to composting is that it is an economical solution to disposing of yard wastes. Composting is easier and much cheaper than bagging these wastes and transferring them to a waste station. Below you’ll find some helpful tips on composting.

  • Almost any organic material can be composted. Some to keep in mind are yard wastes which could consist of fallen leaves, grass clippings, weeds, kitchen scraps and the remains of garden plants. Please note that woody yard wastes such as tree clippings can be clipped and sawed down to a useful size and be used in a wood stove or fireplace.
  • Something else to keep in mind is compost can also be used as a soil amendment for house plants and planter boxes, and when screened, as a part of a seed-starting mix or lawn-top dressing.

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