As the weather gets warmer many people use the opportunity to do some Spring cleaning as they get ready for Summer! From cleaning outdoor furniture to tidying up the garage, it is a busy time for everyone. For many people, questions arise on how to properly dispose of environmentally-sensitive items such as used tires and household hazardous waste. Lucky for Hudson County residents, the Hudson County Improvement Authority has scheduled collection days in the Spring and Fall at locations across the County.

The HCIA's Household Hazardous Collection Days provide residents with the opportunity to dispose of a number of hazardous household items for free, thank to sponsorship in part by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste. Proof of residency is required.

So what can you bring? We are glad that you asked. HHW Collection Days accept the following:

With Spring around the corner, the Hudson County Improvement Authority is gearing up for our 2017 Mobile Shredding Days being held at locations throughout Hudson County. These Shredding Days allow residents the ability to safely dispose of their personal documents- for FREE!

Why should you shred your personal documents? For one, it makes some pretty cool ticker tape-like shreddings. But in all seriousness, shredding not only helps residents to protect their identity, but it also has numerous environmental benefits. Identity theft tops the Federal Trade Commission’s national ranking of consumer complaints with approximately 15 million Americans affected annually.

Across the country, companies and individual people have fallen victim to identity theft and scams and the result of a loss of information on personal documents falling into the wrong hands. Whether you are cleaning out old tax returns from your attic or disposing of last months’ bank statements, these documents should never wind up in your garbage can – or even in your recycling bin -- but should instead be shredded.

Happy New Year! With the holiday season behind us, many residents may have received or purchased a new computer or tablet during the holidays. You may be wondering what to do with your old tablet or computer. Here in Hudson County, there is only one answer: electronic waste recycling!

New Jersey enacted its Electronic Waste Law in 2011 which banned electronics including desktop computers, monitors, laptops, portable computers and televisions from being disposed of in the garbage. This law holds manufacturers responsible for 100% of the cost of recycling electronic devices. The Hudson County Improvement Authority works with manufacturers and third-party vendors to recycle these electronics.

The HCIA offers residents several different options to safely dispose of these electronic devices at no cost. During the HCIA’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days, Hudson County residents can bring old computers, monitors, mice and keyboards. Please note that items such as printers and televisions will not be accepted! Check the HCIA’s Calendar of Events and Social Media for HHW Collection Days scheduled throughout the County.

The HCIA has set up convenient Electronic Drop Boxes in locations throughout the County, where residents can easily drop off their old devices. Approved recyclables for these containers include: cables, cameras, computers and peripherals, DVD players, keyboards, laptops, mice, monitors, peripherals, printers, radios and stereo components, scanners, telephones, televisions and VCRs. Visit for the full list of Hudson County E-Waste Collection Sites throughout Hudson County, or download the MyWaste App for additional information at the touch of a button!



Did the groundhog see his shadow or didn’t he? Who do you trust? Punxsutawney Phil? Staten Island Chuck? Essex Ed? Is a rodent really a reliable weather source? Regardless of the temperature, Spring will be here shortly! This Spring, the Hudson County Improvement Authority will once again be selling compost bins and rain barrels at several locations throughout Hudson County. Could your home use a compost bin and rain barrel? Read on and find out.

A compost bin provides environmental, financial benefits while also providing plants and lawns with necessary nutrients. An organic material, compost can be added to soil to support plant growth. Certain food and yard waste can be placed into the composter saving them from being sent to a landfill in a plastic bag. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) estimates that these materials make up 20 to 30% of what a typical consumer throws away. When sent to a landfill, these materials, as they decompose, release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

The soil produced in a compost bin is rich in nutrients and can be placed on lawns, gardens and flowers beds. This material is also cheaper than the bags of compost purchased at the store. It is also a natural fertilizer and can eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.

Compost enriches soil which helps it to retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests. Compost also encourages the production of good bacteria and fungi which creates humus- a rich nutrient-filled material. Now don’t go grabbing a bag of pita chips, we said humus, not hummus! Humus is like a sponge which can hold up to 90% of its weight in water which allows it to remain moist for weeks longer than soil without humus.

What can be placed in your compost bin? Organic materials such as coffee grinds; fruits and vegetables; egg shells; grass clippings; leaves; nut shells; shredded newspapers; and fireplace ashes.

What should not be put in your compost bin? Meat or fish bones; yard clippings which have been treated with chemicals; and pet waste.


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