Testing is on an appointment-only basis. Hudson County residents desiring a test must call the appointment line at 201-388-1097 beginning at noon tomorrow (Mon. 3/23)

SECAUCUS, NJ – Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise announced today that the County will open a designated testing center for the COVID-19 Virus at Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus on Tuesday, March 24th. The testing center will provide by appointment service only. Starting at noon tomorrow (Monday) appointments may be made by calling 201-388-1097.

The testing site will operate 10am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. It will also be able to test our first responders and expedite their return, so they can continue to perform their important public safety duties.

“Hudson Regional Hospital has the medical staff, facilities and circulation capacity to allow us to best respond to the need for COVID-19 testing,” says County Executive DeGise. “In addressing this crisis, we have been measuring many factors and we are encouraged that this collaboration provides us the a high-performing program enabling us to safely screen, test and treat patients.”

The Secaucus Police Department and the County of Hudson have allocated additional staff to assist in the operation of the program. Hudson Regional Hospital was among the first healthcare institutions in New Jersey to offer drive by testing, and since opening its Drive-Thru testing facility last Tuesday has fielded about 250 calls per day from people inquiring about screening and testing.

“We are honored to serve the people of Hudson County as its Designated Testing Center and especially grateful for the County’s work in securing Testing Kits, which have been difficult to obtain,” says Dr. Nizar Kifaieh, President and CEO of Hudson Regional Hospital. “Our testing program operated very smoothly in its first week and we are ready to scale it to absorb the County’s requirements.

“As they so often have, Mayor Michael Gonnelli and our host community of Secaucus, have stepped up to support us, enabling us to provide better care for patients, and we thank them for their role in facilitating this program.”

“We are pleased to support Hudson Regional Hospital and Hudson County as they work to provide the vital testing needed to help us address the threat of COVID-19,” said Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli. “Cooperation is the key to us containing this virus and we are glad to be part of this important cooperative effort.”

Hudson Regional has developed the following testing process:

1. If you have a cough or shortness of breath accompanied by a fever please call 201-388-1097 after 12 noon on Monday to begin our screening process;

2. You will be asked to discuss your symptoms, and if appropriate, give your information and set an appointment time for a screening. You MUST call and be pre-screened in order be tested on site. No exceptions.

3. Your drive-thru screening will take place in your car. If needed, additional tests will be performed in a specially designated area.

4. Test results will be provided once available within 3-5 days.

“We know these are anxious times and that some people with and without symptoms will attempt to access the Testing Center without following the required procedures,” says County Executive DeGise. “For your own safety, the safety of others and the functionality of the program, please follow the screening procedure as indicated.”


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