Lunch Kits
Much waste can be accumulated during lunchtime at school. However, through a lunchtime school recycling program, pupils have a chance to learn about conservation by “Reducing, reusing and recycling.” Throughout lunchtime, lunch kits are distributed containing insulated plastic bags with Velcro closures, juice boxes and sandwich containers. Approximately 21,000 kits have already been distributed throughout County schools.

Composting with Worms (Wiggle E. Worms)
Composting is a valuable practice for our environment because it nourishes our soil and the earlier this is taught to children, the better our environment's future becomes. Wiggly Worm is a redworm, and redworms teach the concept of composting as they digest organic waste and turn it into a rich substance called humus that helps plants and flowers grow and flourish. Since redworms cannot eat certain recyclables and litter, children learn about composting and proper trash disposal at the same time. Almost 20,000 pupils and students throughout the County have been introduced to composting through Wiggle E. Worm since 1993.

Where Does our Garbage Go?
Managing solid waste is an important factor in maintaining the well-being of our environment. This program instills in students the concept of proper waste management and disposal. Topics such as proper recycling, source reduction, land filling, incineration, household hazardous waste and conservation of natural resources.


Environmental Shopping
Across the United States millions of tons of trash are generated and accumulated every day. During shopping trips, most of us do not generally think about the amount of materials we accumulate and the consequence it has on the environment. It's time to start taking into account where this waste goes, and the impact it has on our environment. The HCIA’s program educates students and consumers about packing issues, stresses the importance of recycling and buying recycled products, and acquaints shoppers of all ages with important waste-reduction techniques. Approximately 48,000 County residents have received canvas shopping bags through this valuable program.


Environmental Resource Center
The HCIA has always made available valuable recycling information to all residents. The resource center, a lending library located in the HCIA’s main office, contains a wide range of educational materials on the environment and the importance of recycling including: books, pamphlets, magazines, catalogs, video tapes and slide shows.

For more information please call the HCIA's Environmental 201-324-6222 ext. 3257 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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