The HCIA is steadfast in its commitment to educate our young people about recycling.

 HCIA Seasons Kids Fall 2007Earth Day Festivities

Whether it be in person by teaching environmental education programs at schools throughout Hudson County or at events that are in the various municipalities, the HCIA staff is always hard at work. Each year the HCIA conducts an Earth Day event that is filled with fun and enjoyment for kids and adults alike. Vendors, craft makers and delicious foods are available at the event. Join us every spring by participating in the HCIA Earth Day quiz. This quiz tests your capabilities and knowledge about environmental issues.

Fall '06 Seasons For Kids
Students are now offered a newsletter fashioned to include everything from current eve
nts to safety tips and games. This child-friendly newsletter is a variation of our adult-themed Seasons dedicated to molding a generation committed to environmental responsibility. It has been enthusiastically received by the students and educators throughout Hudson County. Click the image or this link to download Seasons for Kids (1.5 MB PDF file).



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