HCIA Answers to Questions received as of May 4, 2020 regarding the Forensic Audit RFP

Question Set 1:

1. The RFP specifically mentions Care Point Bayonne Hospital. Are there particular issues driving the request?
2. If so, what are they?
3. Is there an expectation that forensic accounting services will be required with respect to any other facilities?
4. If so, can those facilities be identified?
5. If additional facilities are subject to the scope of work, what is the process for allowing the selected firm to evaluate if any potential conflicts of interest exist?
6. Does HCIA have a standard contract that it expects to employ in this situation?
7. If so, can a copy of that contract be made available prior to May 7?
8. Our firm has an office in New Jersey, and services many clients, including healthcare clients, that are located in New Jersey. However, our principal office is not in New Jersey. Given that fact pattern, will we still be considered if we meet all other criteria?
9. How soon after submissions to the RFP are received does HCIA expect to make a decision on retention?

Answer Set 1:

1) The HCIA, County of Hudson and the City of Bayonne are concerned about maintaining for the health, welfare and safety of their residents, a quality full service hospital on the Bayonne peninsula which is geographically remote from other communities in Hudson County;
2) see 1 above;
3) The HCIA and the County are also in discussions with the Cities of Hoboken and Jersey City in Hudson County regarding the acquisition of Hoboken and Christ Hospital's, respectively and in the event that the HCIA and the County proceed with these acquisitions, such services may be required for these facilities as well;
4) see 3 above;
5) The other facilities have been identified in 3 above. Please identify any potential conflicts of interest in your response;
6) The HCIA does not have a standard contract, but it may have standard provisions that it will require be incorporated in the contract of the selected respondent;
7) Please submit a draft of your contract with your submission;
8) As long as your firm is authorized to do business in the State of New Jersey, your principal office need not be located in the State; and,
9) The HCIA will commence to review the submissions when they are received on May 7th. The HCIA has a meeting on May 13th at which time action could be taken to appoint selected respondents. However, the HCIA will take whatever time is necessary to thoroughly evaluate RFP responses. Accordingly, there is no assurance that appointments will be made at the HCIA's May 13th meeting.

Question Set 2:

1. With regards to Section 8: Fee Schedule, is HCIA seeking an hourly rate by position or a blended rate to conduct these services?
2. When does HCIA anticipate awarding this contract?
3. When does HCIA anticipate the scope of work to begin?

Answer Set 2:

1) The HCIA will consider either type of hourly rate compensation structure. As a public entity, the HCIA is interested in selecting a firm the provides the highest quality service at fair and reasonable rates. Experience, expertise and compensation structure will all be evaluated as a part of the selection process;
2) See response to Question 9 in Answer Set 1;
3) The first phase work will be the appraisal of the properties or interests to be acquired. Prior to completion of the appraisals, the HCIA will work with other professionals and consultants to establish a detailed scope of work, expected deliverables and timeframes. The exact timing for the commencement of this work cannot be determined with specificity at this time


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